Who says workshops can’t be fun?  At the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) of the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), the regular Faculty-In-Charge (FIC) Orientation takes an interesting  turn and gives a new meaning to LOL.

UPOU FMDS conducts a regular Faculty-In-Charge (FIC) Orientation as part of the Faculty’s thrust to enhance the learning experience of its students through faculty development. The FIC Orientation is conducted in a blended format where FICs are required to enroll in an online orientation course site prior to the face-to-face orientation in order to access workshop  materials. FMDS tries to conduct fun yet productive trainings and workshops that bring its FICs together to brainstorm and share their stories and struggles in teaching online, creating a lighter and fun working environment.

But, hey! We’re virtual, so why bother attend this orientation when we can do everything online? At FMDS, we try to make each orientation a new learning experience for the FICs so they will have a reason to still attend the face-to-face orientation.

Education 2.0 is so yesterday, we now breathe Social Media and Education 4.0

Let’s face it, we can’t hide it. We are now living in a society who breathes Social Media. In this increasingly- and rapidly-advancing, technology-dependent world, most of us feels like a Digital Migrant in a world dominated by Digital Natives. In a world where relationships and communication are virtual; transitioning from traditional face-to-face to distance mode of teaching is no easy task. You may  have your MS, PhD or even post-doc degrees in your field, but we all agree that teaching in this Hashtag era and in this world full of hugot challenges the digital migrant in you. It challenges the creativity in you as meaningful teaching and efficiency increases when your lessons are not just locked up inside the Learning Management System. We need to start viewing Social Media as an opportunity in this Instagram era rather than a barrier. Hence, FMDS continues to provide its FICs updates on new techniques, approaches, technologies and other teaching methods via the distance mode.

It’s #LOL. It’s always fun to laugh-out-loud!

The FIC Orientation does not just serve as venue for updating new techniques and strategies in teaching. I know we’re always trying to be academic, highly intellectual individuals here, after all we’re in the academe. But, hey! A whole day of workshop and lecture? It’s like killing your brain cells in one sitting. In simple words, a mixture of boring and exhausting day! That is why FMDS makes it more fun and interesting in such a way that it provides venue for our FICs to share their stories – both the humor and horror in teaching online. Some would share their funny experiences especially during their first time teaching online when they can’t even get a grasp of how MyPortal works. Another shared the struggle and horror of not opening the course site even a week after the start of classes because they simply don’t understand the settings of the portal. It’s always nice to laugh at these stories. We may be Digital Migrants but we also know how to laugh out loud.

FIC Orientation is a venue for our faculty members to experience the best of both worlds: they are FIC but they are also students during the orientation, after all it’s #LOL, hashtag Lots of Learning.

Watch the  FMDS Vlog Entry No. 1 for a glimpse of the FIC Orientation last 19 January 2018.




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