Experiencing the UPOU Anniversary Firsthand by a UPOU BAMS Student

Life happened and one thing led to another.  I found myself studying Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS) at the UP Open University (UPOU). I started out in 2015 and being the distance learner that I am, this is the only year that  I was able to experience and understand what it means to celebrate the UPOU Anniversary.

I applied for a Student Assistantship announced over MyPortal. I was made to report for my first day of work by the UPOU Information Office, the office where I was assigned to, incidentally on the same day of UPOU’s celebration of its 23rd Anniversary.

The UPOU Anniversary was an event filled with people who were the game changers of the academic  community along with visitors which consisted of UPOU faculty, staff and special guests. I was the only student who got to attend, not as a student but as someone ‘working’ for the university. So fellow students, allow me to offer my eyes as I walk you through this event.


They kicked off their Monday with a lot of energy. The flag ceremony started like a chore but when it got to the part where they need to do their exercise routine, all of them danced as if it’s their first time to show off their joy in dancing. Some of them shied to the darker ends of the building but a  lot of them were shouting, clapping and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. It is a big day indeed and those who danced looked like they still have a lot of energy to spare.

Everyone moved on to witness the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing and after that came  the highlight of this event – the UPOU Anniversary program. It was during the main program where UP President Danilo Concepcion, as well as UPOU Chancellor Melinda Bandalaria got to talk and introduced us to the Education 4.0 — the next step in our continuous development of learning which will maximize the use of technology in providing  accessibility in this age dominated by the internet. It seeks to provide students full accessibility to the learning materials no matter where you are, who you are, and what your complications are. This will prepare us for the upcoming technological revolution where man and machine would go hand in hand in running the world.


The rest of the program was followed by a stream of good food for lunch  which was followed by a heart-wrenching and a soul-crushing movie about human trafficking that could make you think twice about seeing women on screen. The movie left its mark by delving into such heavy topics and showing us the worst part of drugs and prostitution. Most of us tried to look away and some of us groaned in pain as we continued to watch others suffer. It was an eye-opener for me as someone who never thought about the intensity of the problem and what it does to society. The director gave a few words and offered us an access to the movie with his phone number before moving on.

FS 1

After that intense experience came  the awarding ceremony for all UPOU’s loyal employees. It’s such a heartwarming sight to see those remarkable staff to get acknowledged and be rewarded for their work along with a quick background written by their colleagues to  give us a peek of who they are and how they are treasured by their workmates.

The final event went off with a bang as the rowdy staff got it going again with the awarding of UPOU Face of the Year. The contestants’ faces were displayed on screen and the crowd cheered on their favorites. This is the part where you could see the party people go wild. A lot of them were shouting, laughing and cheering on their friends who were part of the contest.

DSC_2670  MM 2

The event was a ton of fun and there were a lot of things I’ve learned. I never knew that something like this is happening at UPOU and it would be better if it involved a whole lot of other students. I think it’s the UPOU experience that we could promise and it’s something that we can deliver. Their events are worth your time and if you hadn’t done this yet, please go follow their page and like them so you could follow up on their events and see if you could participate. Get connected, get updated and let them help you live out your UPOU experience. (KPAncajas)

a   b

UPOU Family


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