The Student Orientation That Was

Have you ever asked yourself the same question over and over again?

There was a point in time that every student studying under UPOU had their first taste of what distance education is. All of us continuing students had a time where we reconsider every step we take and all of us questioned our own decisions. A LOT.

That’s why I’m optimistic about UPOU launching its  very own student orientation. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s campus tour so I’m glad that I was able to attend this one. Last year’s campus tour was arranged in order for the students to know more about the campus and the university as a whole. It’s good to know that this time, UPOU  kept our welfare in mind as the staff made sure that we would be at least be informed as we also enjoyed our stay.

Some asked me if it went well or if the student orientation was worth attending and I would casually reply with  a yes. The program went nicely. I had my fair share of fun and oh boy, UPOU went all out with the programs. This is the first time I attended so I went with an open mind about what could happen, but I didn’t expect that they would tackle all sorts of topics common to us students with great length and detail.

UPOU faculty and staff discussed a lot of things– from distance education itself down to the university portals as well as how the processes between the students and the offices work. The new students learned a lot of important tips and tricks to allow easier adjustment to their new learning environment. The continuing students, on the other hand, had their minds refreshed with a handful of advice that they could use to have a better experience.

Over 200 students attended so I understand why they divided us into groups before giving us a tour around the administration building. The staff were moving left and right as they try to manage the flood of people at the entrance. They were able to give us general information about the offices and what they do before leading us to the CCDL Auditorium for the General Orientation.

After lunch,  a more detailed orientation was conducted where we can ask specific questions about our Faculty office… After that, we were grouped according to our programs for a more detailed group discussions.

Then  came the end of the day… some of us left the university with merchandise on our hands besides the econotebook and pens that were given as freebies. If there’s one thing that I can be sure of is that all of us called it a day, satisfied with at least all of our questions answered.

With this event being significantly better than the other year, surely the UPOU Campus Tour of 2018 is a day worth remembering. (Keizer Philip Ancajas)


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