Meet IskOU and Iska: UPOU Chatbot at your Service

If you are currently reading this using your mobile device or any other gadget you have with you at the moment, then you are most likely familiar with the concept of online chatting. With the development of the UPOU Chatbot, the convenience and efficiency of online chatting can now be experienced when inquiring about matters related to the university. 

Named IskOU and Iska,  the UPOU Chabot system allows students and the public to inquire about UPOU-related queries and receive immediate feedback. The chatbot is accessible via UPOU Facebook page and through the UPOU website.  

The chatbot is intended to enhance engagement between existing and prospective students in the University by guiding them through existing information found in the UPOU website. The Chatbot system was launched in February 2019 during the 24th anniversary of UPOU.

What’s in it for users 

The recently launched system offers natural language processing whereby users may ask questions in a conversational manner, whether in English or Filipino. As a bot, it operates through a pre-configured keyword matching system where it attempts to detect the intent of the user and respond accordingly from a list of mapped messages. 

The system  responds with links to pages containing the information regarding their search entry. Aside from the chat box, the webpage has a reserved section for contents from All UPOU sites, Frequently Asked Questions, Announcement, News, and Features, as well as Educational resources. 

The users may also opt to do a direct search using keywords or phrases using the search bar above the webpage. 

How to use 

As mentioned, the UPOU Chatbot functions like a regular chatbox but specific to UPOU-related queries. When asking, the questions should be made short and direct-to-the-point so the system  can address them better. Usually, answers can be found in the FAQ section. 

If the keywords or phrases coded are unavailable in the UPOU online resources, an automated response will be sent prescribing the user to rephrase his or her questions so the system can map them effectively to its preset bot answers. Furthermore, it also provides a section for related pages in the search results, which is located at the right side of the chat box. 

UPOU chatbot abides by UP Data Privacy, as stated in For comments and suggestions on how to further improve the system, you may email us at (KDTChispa) 


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