UPOU’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Did you know that the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) offers a wide range of online courses for FREE? The Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL) is UPOU’s customized platform for its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that provides learners with a secure and integrated system to create personalized learning. 

So what exactly are MOOCs? MOOCs are online courses that are open to the public for free. These are web-based courses designed for unlimited participation made for large concurrence by learners. In the Philippines, UPOU was the first university to offer MOOCs as part of its public service thrust to make quality learning more accessible to many people. 

UPOU offered its first MOOC in 2013 – Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Android Platform – which received a Merit Awards in the PR Programs Merit on a Sustained Basis (Education/Literacy Category) at the 49th Anvil Awards held on 26 February 2014 at Solaire Resort Grand Ballroom. The course aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and know-how to deploy android applications for android phones and tablets. It was developed and offered in collaboration with SMART Communications, Inc. Since then, UPOU has developed a number of MOOCs with the aim of making education more open and accessible, and in promoting lifelong learning.

One of the advantages of MOOCs is the fact that you can take them according to your own pace, time, and location. So if you are busy at work in the morning, then you can start taking courses in the evening. MOOCs can be taken by anyone for various reasons. It can be for professional development, or maybe you just want to learn new knowledge and skills. These courses are for people of all walks of life, which is actually part of UPOU’s goal of widening access to quality education by removing barriers to learning.

Courses offered are clustered under the following categories: ASEAN Studies; Child Rights Protection and Promotion; Distance Education (DE) Readiness; eFilipiniana; eService Management Program; Interlocal Cooperation; Open Distance e-Learning (ODEL) Teacher Accreditation; Sustainable Development; and Technology for Teaching and Learning.

Want to start learning? Head over to http://model.upou.edu.ph and start learning for free. This is not only limited to personal computer access, as MODeL can also be accessed through your smartphone, via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Just download the Moodle Mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and follow the instructions below.


Written by Joaquin Ascan

Illustration by Kinessa Denise Chispa


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