Words from my Wise Professor

by Moireen Espinosa (DComm)

Among the prestigious roster of faculty, Dr. Felix Librero (or Sir Lex as we’d call him in class), was one of my Professors in the University of the Philippines Open University  (UPOU) Doctor of Communication (DComm) Program. Although I have not met him in person, I could sense his mentorship and teaching style; strict – but with proper guidance. A very fatherly figure indeed. If there is one word to describe Sir Lex, it is the word “wise.”  Wise through his actions — especially in being considerate. There were simple things that he did such as making time to reply to the emails of his students, even if it is just a confirmation that he received our output for his class. Sir Lex patiently handled challenging situations, including dealing with challenging  students. I remember sending him an inquiry email regarding research related clarifications. When he responded, although it wa an email, the tone of the response was full of concern but with stern instructions. 

I took two subjects under the guidance of Sir Lex: Comm 320 and Comm 360. Going through the emails and modules that we had in his subject reminded me of how much I enjoyed his subjects. I remember one of the outputs in class that we had was a book review of The Fifth Discipline. To be completely honest, his subjects made me think “sulit ang hirap ng doctorate journey.” The way Sir Lex teaches was very straightforward. He drew attention to the important points to discuss. Through this style of teaching, as a student, I knew that Sir Lex was proficient in the subject matter;  thus, he was not too fancy in the choice of words he used. 

“Prepare for what shall happen in the next 25 years, because that is going to be [a] game changer in Philippine education.” 

Watch more here via Facebook Video here https://fb.watch/4zAIp09v-A/ 

“I’m a simple man, therefore I’m going to talk about a simple thing. Something that is largely ignored by most communication experts. I refer to what I call the MDC contagion.” 

Understanding the MDC Contagion | Dr. Felix Librero

Watch more here via YouTube Link https://youtu.be/NN_i9pfWI3A 

Now, at this point, I would like to clarify certain things regarding what we are doing in this program. In UPOU, we do not have a specific course in writing in thesis or dissertation. I do not know if there are specific courses in other universities, but I’m not aware of those. Now, we do expect however, that you would have a working knowledge on how to write your thesis and dissertations.

FICS Chat with Sir Lex, Episode 5, “Survey Research Designs”

Watch more here via Facebook Video https://fb.watch/4zC4V6X9FL/ 

The last quote hit me a bit more since I’m currently still figuring out my way through dissertation. Thank you Sir Lex! I wish I had more time to get to know Sir Lex and discuss with him his insights on many [communicative] topics and trends. May you rest in peace, Sir Lex! 

Do you have any favourite moments or quotations from Sir Lex? Share it with us! 


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