Climate Change, My Story

by Keizer B. Ancajas

Why should I care? I got problems of my own.

This is one of the most common things that one could say about things like these. It’s in this lens where we could fool ourselves into thinking that one candy wrapper wouldn’t do much anyway, and it won’t even be our own problem if it did end up becoming one. 

It’s in those little moments, those bits and pieces put on the back burner. It’s the time when we burned our trash… we threw something somewhere just because we couldn’t find a trash can… the time when we didn’t even read [ which is one of the basic human functions that we have] to put the trash that we have in the right bin… I could go on and on. We all could talk about love, the most beautiful part of us pursuing our passion, our happiness, giving each other hacks to make one content about his or her life. It shows us two things — one, we’re capable of caring about something, and two, we could care for it as long as it’s convenient. The only saving grace we have about it is that it could only get better. Only then, when that “love” of ours is put to the test, where it could be something more substantial and beautiful.

At that test, it would be so much easier to let things go than to persevere. It would be so much easier to throw a plastic cup somewhere behind the bushes instead of holding onto that moist mess until you get home or find the right bin. We’re all at fault here. It’s not a matter of other people using such machinations that drown the air with smoke or other establishments dumping their wastes at a nearby lake or sea, or if someone got lazy, crumpled up a burger wrapper and magically made it disappear into a canal. 

It’s not about the clownery of a criminal saying that he’s better than the other since he had fewer victims. It’s about time we think that one screw-up we did before might’ve ruined another person’s life. It’s that scary. The thought of your microscopic actions ending up in a catastrophe makes you want to scoff, turn your head away and downplay it as much as you could. Why should you care, right?

Well, here’s the thing. It would mean that other people are ruining your lives at the moment, and the only way to slow that down is for everyone to make this matter to themselves. It’s about time we get scared, think twice, and be courageous enough to take this seriously, even if it’s not convenient at all. We need to make this matter to ourselves. That’s how change begins. 

People are already making the necessary steps to stop climate change. It matters to them. They’re taking steps towards finding alternative solutions to the energy, which would be more sustainable and nature friendly. People are fighting to plant more trees. Others are conserving their natural resources, protecting them. You can see that what they’re doing is not convenient at all—it’s just that it matters. They’re doing their best to make our lives better, slowly but surely, but we’re dragging them down and ruining our lives in the process. 

We only have a decade left to make drastic changes if we don’t want to have this earth to be harder to live in according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Newsroom Post. Your littlest actions today would impact the floods, droughts, and extreme weather in the future. By then, I don’t know if ice cream or air conditioning would help us beat the heat. It’s scary and it’s a pain to deal with, but we need to make this matter or our dear Earth-chan would suffer. 

It’s something that even I would not dare to have, but I’m not alone, and so should you. Everyone is fighting. That’s why even you could be scared, be courageous, and #MakeClimateAClass. Let this be a part of your story; make this matter. 


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