Talking to walls… NOT

by Keizer Philip Ancajas BA Multimedia Studies student, UPOU I am not that sociable. It’s not me to act so much of a social butterfly, but what I do want when I talk to someone on the phone, especially if I’m needing help, is to feel that they know what they’re doing.  It’s a kind... Continue Reading →

Student Support Services

by Phoebe May Apostol In this time of disruption, students --including University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) students who have been used to distance learning-- are experiencing different kinds of problems and challenges.  Problems towards the uncertain future brought about by the pandemic as well as problems on how to cope with their studies  are... Continue Reading →

Climate Change, My Story

by Keizer B. Ancajas Why should I care? I got problems of my own. This is one of the most common things that one could say about things like these. It’s in this lens where we could fool ourselves into thinking that one candy wrapper wouldn’t do much anyway, and it won’t even be our... Continue Reading →

Words from my Wise Professor

by Moireen Espinosa (DComm) Among the prestigious roster of faculty, Dr. Felix Librero (or Sir Lex as we’d call him in class), was one of my Professors in the University of the Philippines Open University  (UPOU) Doctor of Communication (DComm) Program. Although I have not met him in person, I could sense his mentorship and... Continue Reading →

My Close Encounter with Sir Lex

Dr. Felix Librero or Sir Lex as we fondly call him here at the University of the Philippines Open University ( UPOU) passed away on 16 March 2021.  I was blown away by the news. I learned of this sad news early morning a day later, and later learned that he was cremated that day with... Continue Reading →

UPOU to focus on Sustainability and Agility Amidst Disruption for 26th Year Anniv UP Open University (UPOU) celebrates its 26th Anniversary today, 23 February 2021 at 9:00 AM. The theme for this event is “The University of the Future: Sustainability and Agility Amidst Disruption.” The theme aptly reflects UPOU’s thrust towards the future of education not just in the Philippines but globally. Being the pioneer and leader... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to the FED Community

Dear FED Community, When I entered UPOU, my welcome article was an opinion piece from an OU friend, an AA graduate too, published in Cyber Isko—the Official Student Publication of UPOU. It goes like this: “We must remember: it takes but a noisy few to warp the dreams and ideals we hold dear; it takes... Continue Reading →

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